A Few Changes

Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford nlgifford@yahoo.com
Description 	4 Wall, 64 Count Improver Level Line Dance
Music: 		There's Gonna Be a Few Changes - Dave Insley
Video		https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtVxzJV_D0M
	Dance starts immediately on first beat of music!
	Optional alternate start: Wait until the second pattern of 8 and then begin
	Sway, sway, kick-ball-change, hold
1-4 	Sway right; hold; sway left; hold
5-8 	Right kick forward; right together; left step in place; hold
	Lock-steps forward with brushes
1-4 	Right step forward; left lock behind; right step forward; brush
5-8 	Left step forward; right lock behind; left step forward; brush
	Chase turn  left, hold, spin turn 3/4 right, step side,
	step slightly forward, hold
1-4 	Right step forward; pivot turn  left; right step forward; hold
5-8 	Left step forward turning 3/4 right; right step side; left step slightly forward; hold [3:00]
	Weave right, scissor-step, hold
1-4 	Right step side; left behind; right step side; left crossover
5-8 	Right step side; left step back; right crossover; hold
	Weave left, reverse turn  right, step side, crossover, hold
1-4 	Left step side; right behind; left step side; right crossover
5-8 	Left step side turning  right; right step side; left step slightly forward; hold [9:00]
	Nightclub basic right & left
1-4 	Right step side; pause; left rock behind; right replace
5-8 	Left step side; pause; right rock behind; left replace
	Mambo-step, hold, sailor-step, hold
1-4 	Right rock forward; left replace; right step slightly back; hold
5-8 L	eft sweep behind; right together; left step slightly forward; hold
	Modified jazz-boxes each turning  right
1-4 	Right step forward; hold; left step back; turn  right stepping side [12:00]
5-8 	Left step forward; hold; rock forward; left step back turning  right [3:00]
	Begin Again 					March 2017