A Cheatin' Song

Choreographer 	Rob McKean - 2 October 2019
Description 	4 Wall, 32 Count Improver Line Dance
Music 		Cheatin' Songs - Midland
		Start 16 beats after the heavy drum beat when they sing "Smells like cigarettes"

	Side Step, Together, Shuffle Forward, Toe Points,  Sailor Turn
1-2 	Step side right, together on L,
3&4 	shuffle forward R-L-R
5-6 P	oint L toe forward, to the left, make a  turn left
7&8 	while sweeping L back behind R, step back on R, step together on L
	(Restart here on walls 5 & 10)
	Ramble Forward Twice,  Pivot Left, Shuffle Back
9--12 	Cross R over L, point L toe to left side, cross L over R, point R toe to right side
13-14 	Step forward on R, pivot  turn left (Keep weight on R),
15&16 	Shuffle back L-R-L
	(Re start here on walls 2 & 7)
	Rock Back, Recover, Walk Forward Twice,  Pivot Left Twice
17-20 	Rock back on R, recover forward on L, walk forward R-L
21-24 	Step forward on R, pivot  turn left, step forward on R, pivot  turn left.
	Modified Right Jazz Box, Modified Left Jazz Box, Cross Rock, Recover
25-28 	Cross R over L, step back on L, step side right, cross L over R
29-32 	Step back on R, step side left, cross R over L, recover on L.
						October 2019