A Chance to Dance
Choreographed by Bill Gallagher 07/05 01604 808072 – 07780877810
Description  60 Count Partner Dance, Start facing OLOD Man behind lady, arms
out sideways
Same footwork except where noted
Music  Another Chance to Dance – Gerry Ford – CD One More time

	Vine Left, 1/4 Turn Left, 1/4 Turn Left Vine Right 1/4 Turn Right
1-4 	Step left to left, Cross right behind left, 1/4 turn left [into Sweetheart position]
	stepping forward left, Scoot forward
5-8 	Turning 1/4 turn left, step right to right, cross left behind right, Turning 1/4 turn right,
	step forward on right, Scoot forward
	[Facing LOD right arms taken over lady’s head on both turns, finish in Sweetheart]
	Man: Step x 3, Scoot, Full Turn Right Scoot, Lady – Full turn Right, Scoot, step x 3 Scoot
9-12 	Man: 	Step Forward L-R-L Scoot Fwd [Releasing Left hands Raise Right]
	Lady: 	Stepping L-R-L make full turn Right, Scoot fwd on Right
13-16 	Man: 	Stepping R-L-R make full turn right, Scoot Fwd on left
	[Hands free turn, pick up inside hands]
	Lady: 	Step Fwd on R-L-R, Scoot Fwd

	Step Fwd Left Scoot, Right Scoot Walk x 2, 1/2 Turn Right, Step Scoot
17-20 	Both: 	Step Fwd Left & scoot, Right & Scoot
21-24 	Walk Fwd L- R turning 1/2 turn right [into Reverse Sweetheart in RLOD]
	Step Fwd left & Scoot
	Man – Pivot 1/2 Turn Left, Step Scoot.
	Lady – Step, Rock, Step Scoot. Both 1/2 Pinwheel
25-28 	Man: 	Step Right Fwd, Pivot 1/2 turn left, Step right Fwd & Scoot [Face LOD]
	Lady: 	Step right Fwd, Rock back on left, Step back on right & Scoot
	[finish right shoulder to right shoulder holding right hands]
29-32 	Walk L-R-L & Scoot turning 1/2 turn right on a pinwheel turn

	1/2 Pinwheel, right Scoot, Left Scoot, Man Step x3 Scoot.
	Lady Step Back 1/2 Turn Left, Step x2 & Scoot
33-36 	Complete pinwheel turn by stepping Right scoot, Left scoot
37-40 	Man: 	Walk Fwd R-L-R & Scoot
	Lady: 	Step back on right turning 1/2 turn left, Step Fwd L-R & Scoot
	[Now facing LOD in Sweetheart]
	Man – L-R-L, Scoot on the spot, x 2. Lady – Step x 3, 1/2 Turn & Scoot. x 2
41-44 	Man: 	on the spot – Step L-R-L & Scoot [keep hold of both hands, hands go over mans head]
	Lady: 	Step L-R-L & Scoot crossing over in front of man, Turning 1/2 turn left
45-48 	Man: 	on the Spot – Step R-L-R & Scoot [Release left hands, Still holding right hands]
	Lady: 	Step R-L-R & scoot crossing behind man making 1/2 turn left
	[finish lady on man’s right facing LOD]
	Man – Step x3 & Scoot, Lady – Step x3 & Scoot Turning Full Turn Left,
	Both – Step Scoot, Step Scoot
49-52 	Man: 	Walk Fwd L-R-L & Scoot [Still holding lady’s right hand]
	Lady: 	Travelling Fwd to LOD stepping L-R-L, Turning Full turn left & Scoot
	[back into Sweetheart]
53-56 	Both: 	walk Fwd Right Scoot, Left Scoot
	1/4Turn Right Left Vine & Scoot
57-60 	Step Fwd right turning 1/4 turn right, Cross left behind right, Step left & Scoot
	[Back in Start position]
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