Choreographed by Phillip & Vickie Smith, Bellmont, IL.(618) 298-2411
Description  48 Count Inter Partner Dance-Side By Side Sweetheart Position
Music  A Boy Like You-Trick Pony
Texas Ranger-Lace
Leaviní Seems To Be The Goiní Thing - Trick Pony

 	Two 1/4 Turns, Kick Ball Change, Sailor Shuffle
1-2 	Step Forward With R, Turn 1/4 Turn L, Releasing L Hands
3-4 	Step Forward With R, Turn 1/4 Turn L, R Hands Over Head
5&6 	Kick R Forward, Step Down On R Toe, Weight L
7&8 	R Behind L, L To L Side, Weight On R
	Reverse Skaterís Position-Man To R Of Lady-R Hand On Manís R Hip
	Manís R On Ladyís R-L Hands Held In Front On Lady
	Two 1/4 Turns, Kick Ball Change, Sailor Shuffle
9-10 	Step 1/4 Forward With L, Turn 1/4 Turn R,
11-12 	Step Forward With L, Turn 1/4 Turn R,
13&14 	Kick L Forward, Step Down On L Toe, Weight R
15&16 	L Behind R, R To R Side, Weight On L
	Return To Sweetheart Position
	R Shuffle, L Shuffle, R Jazz Box
17&18 	R Shuffle Forward (R-L-R)
19&20 	L Shuffle Forward (L-R-L)
21-24 	Step R Over L, Back On L, Together On R, Brush L
	L Shuffle, R Shuffle, L Jazz Box
25&26 	L Shuffle Forward (L-R-L)
27&28 	R Shuffle Forward (R-L-R)
29-32 	Step L Over R, Back On R, Together On L, Brush R

	Shuffle, Pivot Ĺ Turn, Shuffle Ĺ Turn, Rock Step
33&34 	R Shuffle Forward (R-L-R)
35-36 	Pivot Ĺ Turn R
37&38 	L Shuffle Forward (L-R-L) Finishing Full Turn
39-40 	Rock Back On R Forward On L
	Drop L Hands During Turn, R Hands Come Over Ladyís Head, Pick Up L Hands After Turn
	Step 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn Shuffle, Step 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn Shuffle
41-42 	1/4 Turn With R, Step Behind With L
	Release L Hands, R Hand Over Ladyís Head, Lady Behind Man Facing Ilod
43&44 	1/4 Turn, R Shuffle (R-L-R) Sweetheart Position
45-46 	1/4 Turn With L , Step Behind With R
	Indian Position-Hands At Shoulder, Man Behind Lady Facing Olod
47&48 	1/4 Turn, L Shuffle (L-R-L) Sweetheart Position
	Begin Again
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