A Box Of Memories

Choreographed by	 Ian and Fiona Smith Golden Eagle January 2015 CWDC Qualified Teacher
		01934 823080 - fiona143s@sky.com
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance, Opposite Footwork Throughout
		Start facing LOD inside hands held Gents Right Ladies Left
Music 		This Is Me - Randy Travis
Alt 		When you leave that way you can never go back - Confederate Railroad
		[greatest hits]
	Gents Steps 				Ladies Steps
1-8 	Shuffle Apart, Shuffle Together Shuffle Apart,嘯huffle
	Right Shuffle angle left 			Left Shuffle angle right
	Shuffle Left angle right 			Shuffle right angle left
	Shuffle Right angle to left 			Shuffle Left angle to Right
	廣huffle right to face OLOD 			廣huffle to left to face ILOD
	(on count 8 pick up into double hand hold )
9-16 	Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Behind廠urn Shuffle
	Cross Right behind left, left to side 		Cross Left behind right, right to side
	Cross shuffle RLR 				Cross Shuffle LRL
	Left to left side, Cross Right behind 		Right to right side, cross left behind right
	廠urn shuffle LRL to face LOD 			廠urn shuffle RLR to face LOD
	(On count 15 drop Ladies Right hand to in inside hands held)
17-24 	Walk Walk (Lady 1/2turn Right) Shuffle Walk Walk (Ladies緣urn ) Shuffle
	Walk Forward Right, left Right Shuffle 		緣urn to right on Left right, Left shuffle Back
	Walk Forward Left, Right Left Shuffle 		緣urn Right into wrap on inside LOD Shuffle
	(On count 20 pick up both hands, on count 21 raise ladies left hand to
	put her into wrap on Gents Left )
25-32 	Step Pivot( Lady駙urn), Shuffle, Rock Out recover Shuffle
	Step forward on Right, 1/4 Pivot Left 		Turn  left on Left Right
	Shuffle on the spot RLR 			Shuffle on the spot LRL
	Rock out to Left Recover on Right 		Rock out to Right Recover on Left
	Shuffle on the spot LRL 			Shuffle on the spot RLR
33-40 	Into Wrap Shuffle, Rock Recover (Unwind) Shuffle
	緣urn Right on R L Shuffle on the spot 		Walk Forward Left Right Shuffle LRL
	Rock Forward on Left Recover onto Right 		Turn緣urn Right on Right Left
	Shuffle on the spot LRL 			Shuffle on the spot RLR
	(On counts 33 & 34 Gents walk behind Lady Raise Ladies Right hand into wrap )
	(On counts 37 & 38 Unwind the lady now in Double hand hold Facing each other)
41-48 	Behind廠urn Shuffle, Rock Recover Coaster Step
	Cross Right behind left  left on Left 		Cross left behind廠urn Right on Right
	Shuffle Forward on RLR 			Shuffle forward on LRL
	Rock Forward on Left Recover on Right 		Rock Forward on Right Recover on Left
	Step Back on Left Step right Beside L 		Step Back on Right Step Left beside Right
	Step forward on Left 				Step Forward on Right
	(On count 42 drop leading hands into inside hands held )
	Start Again					February 2015