A Better Man

Choreographed by 	Kim Ray  December 2018: (kim.ray1956@icloud.com)
Description 	32 Count, 2 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music 		Loving You Makes Me A Better Man - Hal Ketchum (CD: Lucky Stars) 95bpm / 3:26 mins
Intro: 		16 counts after beat kicks in (on vocals)

S1: 	Step Fwd To Right Diagonal, Cross Rock/Recover, Chasse  Turn Left,
	Pivot  Turn Left,  Turn Left Back Lock Step
1 	Step forward and to right diagonal (1:30)
2-3 	Cross rock left over right, recover back on right
4&5 	Step left to left side, step right next to left,  turn left stepping forward on left (9:00)
6-7 	Step forward on right,  pivot turn left (3:00)
8&1 	 turn left stepping back on right, cross left over right, step back on right (9:00)

S2: 	 Turn Left Step Side, Point Side,  Turn Right, Rock/Recover &
	3/8 Turn Step Forward, Rock/Recover Step Back
2-3 	 turn left stepping left to left side, point right toe to right side (6:00)
4 	 turn right stepping forward on right, (9:00)
&5 	Rock forward on left, 3/8 turn right recovering on right (1:30)
6-7 	Step forward on left, step forward on right (1:30)
8&1 	Rock fwd on left, recover back on right, step back on left sweeping right out and back (1:30)

S3: 	Back Sweep X 2, Coaster Step, Pivot  Turn Left, Reverse  Turn Right, Full Turn Left
2-3 	Step back on right as you sweep left out and back, step back on left as you sweep right out and back
4&5 	Step back on right, step left next to right, step forward on right (1:30)
6-7 	 pivot turn left weight on left (7:30), reverse  turn right weight on right (1:30)
8&1 	 turn right stepping back on left,  turn right stepping fwd on right, step fwd on left (1:30)

S4: 	Rock/Recover, Back Lock Step, Toe Back,  Turn Left, Rock/Recover
2-3 	Rock forward on right, recover back on left
4&5 	Step back on right, cross left over right, step back on right
6-7 	Touch left toe back,  turn left taking weight on left (7:30)
8& 	Rock right forward to right diagonal, recover back on left

TO FINISH: Dance finishes facing the front on count 5 of Section 4 dragging left to right.
							December 2018