Wild Horse Stomp
CHOREOGRAPHED Keith Garnett (September 1996)
DESCRIPTION 32 Count Partner Dance in Side by Side position Man on inside,
Both facing FLOD, Holding inside hands Beginner/Intermediate.
Start Dance after first 16 beats of the intro
MUSIC Wild Horse Saloon Theme from the Toe the Line CD

Man's Steps - Ladies are Mirror Image

  Left Strut, Step Slide, Right Strut, Step Slide
1 - 2 Step Forward on Left Heel, Snap Ball of Left to floor
3 - 4 Step Forward on Right , Slide Left up next to Right
5 - 6 Step Forward on Right Heel, Snap Ball of Right to floor
7 - 8 Step Forward on Left, Slide Right up next to Left
  Crossover, Pause, Unwind, Pause, Hip Bumps, Pause
9 - 10 Cross Left over in front of Right, Pause 1 beat (Drop Hands at this point)
11 - 12 Unwind 1/2 a turn CW, Pause 1 beat (Man picks up lady's Right hand in his left)
13 - 16 Bump Hips Left, Right, Left Pause 1 beat
  Quarter Pivot, Crossover Left Vine, Jazz Box
17 - 18 Step Forward on Right, Pivot 1/4 Turn CCW & transfer weight to Left
(At this point Man picks up lady's Left Hand in his Right)
19 Cross Right over in front of Left and Step
20 - 22 Step Left to side, Cross Right Behind, Step Left to left making 1/4 turn CCW at same time (Man drops Left hand as you make 1/4 turn)
23 - 26 Cross Right in front of Left, Step Back on Left, Step Right to side,
Step Left next to Right
  Forward, Hitch, Forward Hitch, Stomps
27 - 30 Step Forward on Right, Hitch Left knee, Step Forward on Left Hitch Right knee
(At the same time extend both arms forward as you step forward & pull both arms back as you Hitch and shout "Whoa"
  The Arm movements and shout will be done twice
31 - 32 Stomp Right twice (end with weight on Right)
  Start Over and keep on Smiling
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