Wild Turkey Kicker


Joyce Warren- 618 234- 3609
Description  Couples Dance, Open couple with Lady moving back on right
and Man moving forward on left to start the dance, progressing CCW around the outside of the dance floor.
The second series of 32
counts will begin with Lady moving forward on right and Man moving back on left for the shuffles (Steps 1 -8).Steps 9 - 32 remain constant throughout the dance, while Steps 1 - 8 will continue to alternate direction.
Music Wild Turkey Liquor - Stan Bratzke & Spur (112-128 BPM).
Marty Stuart Visits the Moon - Marty Stuart (144 BPM).

MANS STEPS                                                       LADY'S STEPS
1&2     Shuffle forward on Left (L, R, L)                 Shuffle back on Right foot (R,L,R)
3&4     Shuffle forward on Right (R, L, R)              Shuffle back on Left foot (L, R, L)
5&6     Shuffle forward on Left (L, R, L)                 Shuffle back on Right foot (R,L,R)
7&8     Shuffle forward on Right (R, L, R)              Shuffle back on Left foot (L, R, L)

9         Left heel forward                                      Point Right toe back
10       Left together to stand.                              Right together to stand.
11       Point Right toe back                                Left heel forward
12       Right foot touch together                          Left touch together
13       Step right on Right                                  Step left on Left foot
14       Step across behind right on Left               Step across behind left on Right
15       Step right on Right foot                            Step Left on Left foot
16       Kick Left foot facing 1/4 turn left               Kick Right facing 1/4 turn right
          (Right hand slides behinds lady's back)     (Left hand slides behind man's back)

17       Step forward on Left                                Step forward on Right
18       Kick Right Forward                                 Kick Left forward
19       Step forward on Right                              Step forward on Left foot
20       Kick Left forward                                     Kick Right forward
21       Step on Left facing 1/4 turn right               Step on Right facing 1/4 turn left
          (Right hand slides to original position)        (Left hand slides to original position)
You are again face-to-face with your partner in open couple position.

22         Kick Right forward to woman's left          Kick Left foot forward between man's legs
23         Step down on Right                               Step down on Left
24         Kick Left between woman's legs             Kick Right forward to man's left
25         Step down on Left S                              Step down on Right
26         Touch Right toe back                            Touch Left toe back
27         Step forward on Right                            Step forward on Left to pass man's left
28         Scuff Left forward & drop Right hand       Scuff Right forward & drop Left hand
29         Step in place on Left                             Step forward on Right to begin 1/2 turn right
30         Scuff right forward to begin 1/2 turn left   Scuff Left foot forward, continuing to turn right
31         Step in place on Right                           Step in place on Left
32         Scuff Left to complete                           Scuff Right forward turn
            You are now facing reverse LOD             You are now facing LOD

Start 2nd set of 32

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