Western Mambo
Choreographed by The idea came from a dance choreographed by;
		Don Millington & June Macready. The dance has been changed to Western
		by Lyndon & Mona Foster (0168 627403) with a great deal of help from
		Les & Anne Jones from Shrewsbury.
Description	Partner Dance in Closed Western Position,Men facing O.L.O.D.
		LADIES FACING I.L.O.D. the steps are the Gents the ladies are mirror image.
Music 		Volcano - Jimmy Buffet
Also Try: 		Rompin' Stomping - Scooter Lee
		Any Way The Wind Blows - Brother Phelps
		Lets Walk Away In Love - Jim Yeomans
		Restless Kind - Travis Tritt
		Long Tall Texan - Doug Supernaw
1&2          Rock Forward on Left, Step in place Right, Left beside Right
3&4          Rock back on Right, Step in place Left, Right beside Left
                Dropping Right hand, Holding middle hands, on 5, Back facing each other on & 6
5&6          Rock forward on Left making 1/4 turn Right, Step in place on Right, Left beside Right
7&8          Right cross over Left, Small step to Left on Left, Small step to Left on Right (Cross Shuffle)
1&2&        Left side shuffle & touch Right beside Left, ( L R L ,TCH )
3&4          Right side shuffle ( R.L.R.)
5&6          Left side shuffle ( L.R.L )
7&8          Right cross over Left, Step back on Left, Right to side
1              Step forward on Left making 1/4 Turn Left. ( Still in Closed Western )
2              Right kick forward
3              Right touch back
4              Hitch Right knee forward
5&6          Right shuffle back
7              Left step forward
8              Right step beside Right
1              Left step forward ( Release Hands )
2&3          Turn 1/4 Left on Right foot, Left beside Right on the & count, Turn a 1/4 Right
                on Right foot on the count 3 ( You are now facing L.O.D. )
4&5          Turn a 1/4 right on left 4. Right beside Left on the & count,
	Turn 1/4 Left on Left 5 ( l.o.d.)
6 	Step forward on Right starting a 3/4 Turn to your Left
7 	Step forward on Left continuing the turn to you Left
8 	Step forward on you Right completing the 3/4 Turn.
	You should now be facing you partner towards O.L.O.D.
	Left Palm to your Partners Left Palm
1&2 	Rock Left across front of right, Step in place Right, Left beside Right
	Right Palm to your Partners Right Palm
3&4 	Rock Right across front of Left, Step in place Left, Right beside Left
	I Hope You Got Through This With Less Hassle Than It Took To Put On Paper