Wantin You
CHOREOGRAPHED by Hazel Parfitt [ Dancing Boots ] 16/02/98
DESCRIPTION 32 Count, Partner Dance, Right Side by Side,
MUSIC When did you Stop loving' me - George Jones - 96 BPM
Mr Miller - Paul Overstreet - 96 BPM

1-2 Right heel forward , Cross in front of left shin
3 & 4 Shuffle forward [ r l r]
5-6 Left heel forward, Cross in front of right shin
7 & 8 Shuffle forward [L R L]
9 Step forward right foot Raise R/H and lower left hand
10 Pivot 1/2turn CCW R/H goes over lady's head as you both step&
11&12 Step R L R Completing full turn CCW pivot. collect lady's left hand taking it over her
    head as you complete full turn
13-14 Rock forward on left , Rock back on right
15&16 Step back on left, Step right next to left, Step forward on left
17 Step right & diagonally forward on right foot
18 Cross left behind right and to right of right [lock / stroll step]
19&20 Triple step R L R
21-22 Step left & and diagonally forward on left, Cross right behind left
23&24 Triple step L R L
25&26 Shuffle forward R L R
27&28 Shuffle forward L R L
29&30 Shuffle forward R L R
31&32 Shuffle forward L R L
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