Choreographed by Hazel Parfitt, [Dancing Boots] Qualified D&G Instructor, 20/3/01
Description Partner Dance. Position Right Side By Side 48 Counts
Music Love You Enough To Let You Go - Chely Wright 98bpm
New Kid In Town - Trisha Yearwood 106bpm.
Your Stronger Than Me - George Strait

Right Vine. Triple Step. Left Vine Triple Step
1-2 Right step right, Left step cross behind right
3&4 Triple step on the spot RLR
5-6 Left step left, Right step cross behind left
7&8 Triple step on the spot LRL
Right Kick X 2. Coaster Step. Shuffle X 2
1-2 Right kick forward Twice
3&4 Right coaster step
5&6 Left shuffle forward
7&8 Right shuffle forward
Man Lady
Step Touch. Shuffle, Rock Step, Back X 2 Step 1/2 Turn. Shuffle, Rock step Triple Turn
1-2 Left step forward, Touch right beside left Left step forward, 1/2 turn CCW stepping back on Rt
[Keeping hold of hands, take right arm over lady's head to finish in cross arm position,
right over left on steps 1 and 2]
3&4 Right shuffle forward RLR Lady does left shuffle back LRL to LOD
5-6 Left rock forward, Replace weight back on Rt Right rock back LOD, Replace weight back onto left
[Drop left hands, keep hold of right hands, lady turns back into right side by side position]
7-8 Left step back RLOD, Right Step back RLOD 7&8 1/2 turn CCW stepping RLR
Rock Step. Shuffle X 2. Walk X 2
1-2 Left rock back Replace weight back on right
3&4 Left shuffle forward
5&6 Right shuffle forward
7-8 step forward Left, Right
Man  Lady
Rt Vine. Triple Step Lt Vine. Triple Step Full Turn. Triple Step X 2
1-2 Lt step cross behind Rt, Rt step to Rt side Left step 1/2 turn CCW, Rt step 1/2 turn CCW
3&4 Triple step on the spot LRL Triple step on the spot LRL
5-6 Right step cross behind left, Left step side left Right step 1/2 turn CW, Left step 1/2 turn CW
7&8 Triple step on the spot RLR Triple step on the spot RLR
[Keeping hold of hands, lower left hands, and raise right hands taking right arms over lady's
 head to finish in cross-arm position in front, repeat to finish back in Right Side by Side, man
passes behind lady]
Walk X 2, Shuffle. Walk X 4 Full Turn. Shuffle- Walk X 4
1-2 Walk forward Left, Right Left step 1/2 turn CCW, Right step 1/2 turn CCW
3&4 Left shuffle forward Left shuffle forward
5-6 Step forward Right, Left Step forward Right, Left
7-8 Step forward Right Left Step forward Right, Left
[On counts 1 - 2 drop left hands, raise right hands and take over lady's head as she turns,
To finish back in Right Side by Side position]
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