Wagonwheeler Waltz

Choreographed by 	Ken & Bunny Fargo
Description	Partner dance done in the Side by Side position.
		Slow progression, couple unison.
Music-		Any Waltz
1 - 12          Holding left hands only, lady does four waltz sets around the man,
                  beginning with left foot, front to back counter clockwise direction, back to position.
13 - 18        Break Step (left foot forward, two, three; right foot back, two, three).
19 - 24        Crossing over right foot, bring left foot to floor, two, three, then
                  crossing over left foot, bring right foot over left to floor, two, three.
25 - 30        Break Step
31 - 36        Drop right hands and raise left hands; put left foot forward, turn counter clockwise,
                  swivelling on left (180 degrees), and finish waltz step, right left. Step back with right foot
                  and complete waltz step, two, three, ending back in position, weight on right foot.
37 - 42        Repeat counts 31 - 36
43 - 48        Break Step
49 - 54        Holding left hands only, raise them. Beginning with left foot, both
                  man and woman do two waltz sets as they turn underarm, counter clockwise to face line of dance.
55 - 60        Repeat counts 49 - 54, but clockwise.
61 - 66        Break Step
Please direct inquiries to Ken or Bunny Fargo, 8 DeBow Terrace, Pompton Plains
NJ 07444) 2011831 -1022.    					November 1999