Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Choreographed by

Sandy Nelson & Mike Rachwall (414) 242-6836


Partner Dance, Right Side-By-Side

Music There'll Be No More Cryin' - Emilio (teach)

If I Had My Way - Vince Gill (teach)

if There's Anything I Can Do - Vince Gill (teach)

Tumbling Tumble Weeds - Roy Rogers & K.T. Oslin (dance)
Note Man and lady follow the same footwork throughout the pattern.

Forward Progressing Windmill Turns

Progress towards FLOD while making these turns. Release Lt hands & pass 
Right hands over lady's head

1 Step forward on Left making a 1/4 turn Left Rejoin Left hands. Release Right hands
2 Step back on Right towards FLOD making a 1/4 turn LEFT

Pass Left hands over lady's head

3 -4  Step forward on Left making a 1/2 turn LEFT Rejoin Right hands , Step forward on Right
Partners now back in Right Side-By-Side position facing FLOD FLOD.
5 - 8 Repeat beats 1 through 4
Weave Right, Touch, Weave Left, Touch
9-10  Cross Left behind Right, Step to the right on Right
11-12 Cross Left over Right, Touch Right toe to the right
13-14 Cross Right behind Left, Step to the left on Left
15-16 Cross Right over Left, Touch Left toe to the left
Encircling Shuffles
In this section, you will be shuffling around each other in a RIGHT direction as you move forward toward FLOD.

Release Left hands. Keeping Right hands joined, man Shuffles forward (large shuffle) in front of lady with Left toward 1 o'clock while lady shuffles forward (small shuffle) behind man

17&18 Shuffle forward (LRL)

Pick up Left hands and release Right hands as man shuffles forward. Lady shuffles to the left
side. Pass Left hands over
lady's head

19&20 Shuffle forward (RLR)
Rejoin Right hands and keep hands joined as lady shuffles forward (large shuffle) in front of
man with Left towards
1 o'clock while man shuffles forward (small shuffle) behind lady
21&22 Shuffle forward (LRL)
Keeping hands joined, lady shuffles forward and man shuffles forward to lady's Left side back
into Right Side-By-Side
23&24 Shuffle forward (RLR)
25-32 Repeat beats 17 through 24
Turning Shuffles, Rock Steps
33&34  Shuffle forward (LRL) making a 1/2 turn RIGHT
Partners now face RLOD in a Left Side-by-Side Position.
35-36 Step back on Right, Rock forward onto Left in place
37&38  Shuffle backward (RLR) making a 1/2 turn LEFT on these steps
Partners now return to face FLOD in a Right Side-By-Side position.
39-40 Step back on Left, Rock forward onto Right in place
Forward Walk, Scuff, Forward Walk Touch
41-44 Walk forward on Left, Right, Left, Scuff Right
45-48 Walk forward on Right, Left, Right, Touch left next to right
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