Choreographed by Jan Brown (217) 446-5315
Description Partner Dance: Couples start in the Sweetheart Position.
Man and lady follow the same pattern except during the six forward shuffles (beats 49 through 60)
Music I Brake For Brunettes by Rhett Atkins
I Still Got What you Got Over by Larry Boone

Heel Forward, Cross, Touch, Step Behind
1-2 Touch Right heel forward and diagonally to the right, Cross Right over Left
3-4 Touch Left to the left, Cross Left behind Right
5-8 Repeat beats 1 through 4
Heel Hooks, Forward Shuffle
9-10 Touch Right heel forward, Cross Right across Left shin
11&12 Shuffle forward (R, L, R)
13-14 Touch Left heel forward, Cross Left across Right shin
15&16 Shuffle forward (L, R, L)
Charleston, Forward, Kick Stomp
17-18 Step forward on Right, Kick Left forward
19-20 Step back on Left, Step Right next to Left (shift weight to Right )
21-22 Step forward on Left, Kick Right forward
23-24 Stomp Right next to Left twice
Grapevine Right, Stomp, Double Left Kick, Grapevine Left, Stomp, Double Right Kick
25-26 Step right to right side, Step Left behind Right
27-28 Step right to right side, Stomp Left next to Right
29-30 Kick Left forward twice
31-32 Step left to left side, Step right behind left
33-34 Step left to left side, Stomp Right next to Left
35-36 Kick Right forward twice
Backward Shuffles, Forward And Kick, Back, Toe & Heel Touches, Cross
37&38 Shuffle backward (R, L, R)
39&40 Shuffle backward (L, R, L)
41-44 Walk forward Right, Left, Right, Kick Left forward
45-46 Step back on Left, Touch Right toe back
47-48 Touch Right heel forward, Cross Right over Left
Forward shuffles, Double Stomp, Heel & Toe
Still hold hands, on second shuffle, man turns in toward lady and begins a full right turn and
completes his turn by the fourth shuffle. At the same time, the lady begins her full left turn
in toward man on the third shuffle and completes her
turn by the fifth shuffle.
49&50 Shuffle forward (R, L, R)
51&52 Shuffle forward (L, R, L)
53&54 Shuffle forward (R, L, R)
55&56 Shuffle forward (L, R, L)
57&58 Shuffle forward (R, L, R)
59&60 Shuffle forward (L, R, L)
61-62 Stomp Right next to Left twice
63-64 Touch Right heel forward, Touch Right toe back
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2001