This Way That Way
CHOREOGRAPHER Jack Parfitt. 26/6/98 Tel: 01962 620787
DESCRIPTION Partner Dance 4 Counts. Right Side by Side
MUSIC Tough Love - Bellamy Brothers. 98bpm
  I Met A Friend Of Yours Today- George Strait.98bpm.
  No One But You - George Strait 104bmp

1 Left step diag forward (Arm Movements)
2 Right foot cross behind left  
3 Left foot step 1/4 left. Lower Lt. arms & raise Rt
4 Right foot step 1/4 left taking over Lady's head on
5 Step back on left steps 3&4 Now you will be
6 Step back on right facing RLOD. Lower Rt. hands
7 Step back on left, behind mans back at waist height
& Step right beside left } Coaster Take up Lady's Lt. in front.
8 Step forward on left } step  
1 Step forward on right Drop right hands & raise
2 Pivot 1/2 turn left left & take over Lady's head,
3&4 Shuffle forward RLR return to right side by side position LOD.
5&6 Shuffle forward LRL  
7&8 Right Kick ball change  
1 Right step diag forward  
2 Cross left behind right Drop Rt. hand and raise Lt.
3 Step 1/4 turn Rt. with Rt taking over lady's head on
4 Step 1/4 turn Rt. with Left steps 3&4 now facing RLOD
5 Step back on Rt. Lower Lt. hands in front to
6 Step back on Lt.. Lady's waist, Lady's Rt. hand goes
7 Step back on Rt } Coaster . behind mans back held at
& Step Lt. beside Rt } step waist height in mans Rt.
8 Step forward Rt.  
1 Step forward Lt Drop Lt. hands and take Rt.
2 Pivot 1/2 turn right hands over Lady's head
3 Step forward Lt.. back to Right Side by Side
4 Slide Rt. to Lt.. position. LOD
5 Step forward Lt..  
6 Brush Rt .forward  
7 Walk forward Rt.  
8 Walk forward Lt.  
1-2 Step forward Rt., Slide Lt. to Rt.  
3-4 Step forward Rt. Brush Lt.. forward  
5&6 Shuffle forward LRL  
7&8 Shuffle forward RLR  
  Start over DEC 1999