The McGraw Stroll
Choreographed by Jean Garr  & James Gregory (jg2)
Description Partner Dance IN Sweetheart ( Right side by side )
Welcome To The Club - Tim McGraw.


Step forward on right (45 degrees to right, Tap left beside right; step back on left
(45 degrees to left), tap right beside left; step back on right foot 1/4 turn right, 
tap left beside right.
7-12 Step left with left, cross right behind; step Left with left, cross right behind; 
step 1/4 left with left, brush right 
(now facing L.O.D.).
13-16 Step down on right, pivot 1/2 turn left; step forward on right, pivot 1/2turn left.
17-20 Vine Right, touch left beside right.
21 -24 Vine Left, touch right beside left.
25-28 Stepping right, left, right, man turns lady full turn to his right in crossed Arm position.
brush left.
29-32 Stepping left, right, left, man leads lady across and behind his back to his left into a 
hammerlock position; brush right,
33-36 Stepping right, left, right, man will let go of lady's right hand, turning her clockwise in
 front of him to his right side; step on Left.
37&38 Right shuffle forward (right, left, right
39&40 Left shuffle forward (left. right. left)
41&42 Right shuffle forward (right, left, right)
43&44 Left shuffle forward Left, right, left)
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