Choreographed by Bunny & Ken Fargo 201/492-5493
Description Couples Dance and may be done as a mixer (see note at end
of dance). A fun dance. Lady is at man's right. Faces LOD.
Hands are held in front, Rt to Rt, Lt to Lt, crossed.
Music Uneasy Rider- Charlie Daniels
Trashy Women - Confederate Railroad.
NOTE All steps begin on the inside foot - Man's Right, Lady's Left

1-4 Two polka steps forward. As you complete this, drop Right hands.
 5-12 Lifting Left hands,
Man  proceeds forward with 4 Polka steps.
Lady does 4 Polka steps CCW around the Man.
13-20 As Lady returns to the Man's right side, they drop Left hands and hold Right hands.
The Man then circles her clockwise with 4 Polka steps.
This takes place as the Lady proceeds forward with 4 Polka steps.
21-24 As the couple gets back to original position, they resume holding hands in beginning position.
They do 2 Polka steps forward and drop their hands as they complete the steps.
25-28 Step forward on inside foot. Pivot outward 180 degrees, then pivot again 90 degrees
more so couple faces each other, join hands.
 29-32  Modified Charleston Step
Lady: Stomp Left, kick Right between Man's legs, step back on Right, touch Left toe back.
ManStomp Right, kick Left outside Lady's Right leg, step back on Left, touch Right toe back.
33-36 Couple turns to face line of dance again. They resume holding hands in original position.
Do 2 Polka steps forward.
37-40 Again beginning with inside foot, step forward and pivot 180 degrees as before,
then pivot 90 degrees to face each other and slap hands of your partner.
41-44 Lady: While turning Left to face LOD, do 2 Polka steps beginning with Left foot.
Man: While turning Right to face LOD, do 2 Polka steps beginning with Right foot.
NOTE: To do dance as a mixer:
Where the beginning the dance (steps 1-4) would normally be done with the same partner, f
or a mixer do this:
Steps 1-4 Man proceeds forward to the next Lady, doing 2 Polka steps.
The Lady does her 2 Polka steps in place, waiting for the next Man to come forward to her.
'New" couple resumes the dance steps 5- 12
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert August 2001