The Juliet
Choreographer Dale & Jackie Parish and Parish Country Dancers 
(517)676-3531 - ~
Description 52 steps, Couples 4 wall line dance Start In lines, Men facing 12 o'clock,
Ladies facing 6 o'clock (facing partner) in Traditional Closed Dance Position.
Music Any medium tempo West Coast Swing Music

 Originally choreographed in 1993 to "Romeo" by Dolly Parton. Updated music suggestions: "Modern Day Bonnie
and Clyde" by Travis Tritt from the "Down the Road I Go" CD  180 bpm 2-step - {for Juliet count this song in
1/2 time - makes a nice teaching tempo}; "Last Night" by Chris Anderson and DJ Robbie, Single -100bpm -
West Coast Swing;"Eenie Meenie Miny Moe" by Holiday Band - All Aboard, Too!
The Beach Boogie Train"- 132 bpm - East Coast Swing
"Billy Be Bad" by George Jones - I Lived To Tell It All -144 bpm - East Coast Swing

Note Our dancers have had a lot of fun with this dance. We thought the idea of a couples line dance
with a little attitude would give them chance to show off a bit of their own dance personality.
We hope you like it. too. Any questions: please call or e-mail us anytime.

Man Lady
1-4 Walk forward Lt-Rt-Lt-Rt Back Rt-Lt-Rt-Lt
5-8 Sway hips fwd Rt; back Lt; fwd Rt; back to center.
(end with weight centered on both feet) 
Sway hips fwd Rt; back Lt; fwd right; back to left
(end with weight on left)
1-4 Step back Lt-Rt-Lt-Rt Step forward Rt-Lt-Rt-t
5-8 Sway hips forward left; back right; forward left; back to right; (end with weight on right) 
1-2 Step diagonally forward L, R, (right shoulders passing lift man's left (lady's right) arm and man walks under)
3-4 Forward left pivoting 180 CCW; Right tap home Forward left pivoting 180 CW; Right tap home
(Pick up lady's left hand, now in four hand hold facing partner, You have Traded Places)
5-6 Step forward right diagonal; Lift left knee (hitch-looks like bumping hips!)
7-8 Step back left diagonal; Step right beside left (taking weight)
1-2 Step forward left diagonal; Lift right knee (hitch-looks like bumping hips)
3-4 Step back right diagonal; Tap left home (weight is on right)
5-6 Step diagonally fwd Lt, Rt, (Rt shoulders passing, lift man's Lt (lady's Rt) arm and man walks under)
7 Lt to side turning 1/4 CCW Fwd Lt turning 1/4 CW
8 Tap Rt beside left. 
(Release hands - lady is now beside man and to his left,You are BOTH facing the 3 o'clock wall)
  Vines, Hip Bumps
1-4 Right Vine: Side Rt; Lt behind; side Rt; Lt fwd 45 
5-8 Sway (bump) Lt hip fwd; Rt hip back; Lt hip fwd; Rt hip back
1-4 Left Vine: Side Lt; R behind; side Lt; Rt fwd 45 
5-8 Sway (bump) Rt hip fwd; Lt hip back; Rt hip fwd; Lt hip back
Transition Steps to Traditional Closed Dance Position
1-3  Rt step in place, step fwd Lt, pivot 1/2 CW
(shifting weight to Rt )
3-step turn back right @ 45 angle (R-L-R) 
(This is a 360 degree CW turn for the lady.)
4 Touch L next to R. Step L next to R (weight on Lt)
Men: You are now facing your partner - one wall to your Left of original starting wall.
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