Choreographed by John & Janette Sandham Tel: 01772 734324
Description Intermediate Partner Dance In Side by Side position, Mirror Image Lady's on Opposite footwork
Music This One's Gonna Hurt You by Marty Stuart/Travis Tritt

1-4 Walk forward Left, Right, Left, Kick Right  & Scoot
5-8 Walk forward Right, Left, Right, Kick Left & Scoot turning  turn right face each other holding both hands
9-10 Step side Left, Cross Right behind,
11-12 Step side Left, Cross Right in front
13-14 Pivot to face away (on both feet), letting go of Gent's Left, Lady's Right, and rejoin in back to back
hold at the same time as the pivot bump hips forward twice
15-16 Bump hips back twice
17-20 Bump hips forward, back, forward, back
21-22 (Back to back) Step Right,  Slide Left to Right
23-24 Step Right making 1/4 turn to Gent's Right to face LOD, Touch Left next to Right
25-26 (Holding inside hands) Step out Left,  Kick out Right
27-28 Step in Right,  Kick in Left
29-30 Step out Left, Kick out Right
31-32 Step in Right, Touch in Left turning to face partner
33&34 Holding both hands & facing each other do an outside windmill turn on Left shuffle
35&36 Right shuffle (ladies remember you are on opposite foot) gents are turning to their Right, ladies
to their Left. Now break the hold with gent's Left, lady's Right and continue turning lady
37&38 a further full turn to Left on Left Shuffle
39&40 Right shuffle. (You should now be facing FLOD ready to start again)
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert June 2001