T & S Express

Choreographed by Timothy Welesky & Shirley McElroy
Description Partner Dance - 40 Counts
Music Tulsa Time - Don Williams
1-2	Right heel touch forward, right back in place
3-4	Right heel touch forward, right back in place
5-6	Left heel touch forward, left back in place
7-8	Left heel touch forward, left toe touch behind

9-10	Step forward on left, right kick forward
11-12	Step back on right, cross left leg over right knee
13-14	Step forward on left, slide right behind left
15-16	Step forward left turning 1/4turn right, stomp right next to left

17-18	Right step to right, left step behind right
19-20	Right step to right, stomp left next to right lady does a three step turn clockwise
21-22	Left step to left, right step behind right
23-24	Left step to the left, stomp right next to right

25-31	Repeat steps 17-23 on last step of left grapevine of repeated sequence
32	Scuff right turning 1/4 turn left back into L.O.D.

33-34	Step forward on right, step left next to right
35-36	Step right, scuff left
37-38	Step forward on left, step right next to left
39-40	Step left, scuff right
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