Tequila Twirl
Choreographed by Pip & Carolann at their Buffalo Mountain Summer Stampede - August 2001 ~ 01383 732609 E.Mail pipbuffalo@aol.com    ~ http://www.britishcountry.co.uk/buffalo  
Description Partner Dance in Side by Side [ Sweetheart ] position
Music He drinks Tequila Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw
Land of Enchantment - Michael Martin Murphey ( slow )
Any suitable cha cha cha music

Man Lady
Keep hold of both hands throughout the dance
1-2 Step Left forward pivot Right Step Left forward pivot Right
3&4 Left shuffle forward (Reverse Line of Dance) Left shuffle forward
56 Step Right forward pivot Left Step Right forward pivot Left
7&8  Right shuffle forward ( Line of dance ) Right shuffle forward
Man steps on the spot while Lady dances round him facing him, CCW ,
raise & keep hold of both hands
910 Step in place Left, Right Walk Left, Right
11&12 Cha cha cha ( L R L ) Left shuffle
1314 Step in place Right, Left  Walk Right, Left
15&16 Cha cha cha (R L R ) Right shuffle
Now in R Skaters position, ie, hands crossed in front, mans R under ladies
1718 Rock forward on Left recover on Right Rock forward on L recover on Right
19&20 Reverse Left shuffle (Raise L hand & unwind Lady) Left reverse turn shuffle
2122 Rock back on R recover on Left Step forward on Right pivot Left
23&24 Right shuffle forward Sweetheart position Right shuffle forward
2526 Walk forward Left, Right Walk forward Left, Right
27&28 Left Shuffle forward Left Shuffle forward
2930 Walk forward Right, Left Walk forward Right, Left
31&32 Right Shuffle forward Right Shuffle forward
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