Choreographer	Unknown 1993
Description	Couples, Man Stands Behind Lady Facing Outwards Holding The
		Ladies Hands Over Her Shoulders, But Not Resting On Them
Music		Look At Us - Vince Gill 

1	Step Left To Side In L.O.D
2 	Touch Right Beside Left
3 	Right To Side In Reverse L.O.D
4 	Touch Left Beside Right
5 	Step Left To Side In L.O..D.
6 	Touch Right Beside Left
7	Right To Side Making 1/4 Turn To The Right To Face RLOD
8 	Kick Left Leg Forward

1	Step Back On Left
2 	Step Back On Right
3 	Step Back On Lt Making A 1/4 Turn To The Lt & Dropping Lt Hands & Raising Rt
4 	Step To Side On Right Making 1/2 Turn To The Left & The Lady Turning
	Under The Man's Right Arm [ Finish Facing Inwards ]
5 	Step Left To Side Behind The Right & Curtsey

6 	Step Rt. To Rt. Starting A 1/2 Turn To The Rt. & Raising Rt. Arm
7 	Step Left To Side Completing The Turn To Right (Facing Inwards)
8	 Step Right To The Side Behind Left Leg
6 	Step Rt. To Rt. Starting 1.1/2 Turn To The Rt., Under The Man's Right Arm
7 	Cross Left Over The Right. Continuing The Turn
8 	Step Right To Right To Complete The Turn And Resume The Rejoin Both Hands
	Begin Again 

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February 2000