Stateside Kick
Choreographed by Malcolm & Viv Owen (20.2.97)
Description Partner Dance in Side By Side Position (Lady on Gents Right holding inside hands) Steps for Gentleman (lady dances opposite throughout the dance, except where specified)
Music The Real Thing - Rick Tippe 125bpm
  Love on The Loose - Mc Bride & The Ride 118bpm

1 - 3 Walk forward Left, Right, Left
4 Kick Right forward
5 - 7 Walk back Right, Left, Right
8 Turn 1/4 right on right, touch left beside right
  (Join opposite hands)
9-11 Left 3 step grapevine
12 Right kick forward (outside lady's leg) (Lady kicks between gents legs)
13-15 Right 3 step grapevine
16 Left toe touch back
  (Holding forward hands (release others))
17-19 Change Places walking forward Left, Right, Left, turn to face partner
20 Right toe touch back
  (Rejoin opposite hands)
21 -22. Right step forward, Left leg kick forward (outside lady's leg)
  (Lady kicks between gents legs)
23 -24 Left step back, Right touch back
  (Retain hand hold walking forward to face L.O.D.)
25 -28  
  Gent walk across behind lady, Right, Left, Right Left touch beside right
  Lady walk across in front of gent Left. Right, Left, Right touch beside left
29 - 32 Gent - Left shuffle forward, Right shuffle forward, (hold lady's left hand in your right, release others)
  Lady - Right shuffle, Left shuffle turning towards right in a circle progressing forward to finish facing L O. D. Side by Side with Gent
  Start Again January 2000