Star Keeper

Choreographed by DEREK NORTON (518) 664-6232
Description Partner Circle Dance, Right Side-By Side facing FLOD. Man & Lady on Same Footwork
Music When You Say Nothing At All -Allison Krauss
  You Have The Right To Remain Silent - Perfect Stranger
  Keeper Of The Stars - Tracy Byrd

  Forward Shuffles
1&2 Shuffle forward (RLR)
3&4 Shuffle forward (LRL)
5-8 Repeat beats 1 - 4
  Diagonal Steps, Step, Pivot, Step Back, Pivot
9 Turning body diagonally to the left, step forward and diagonally to the right on Right
10 Cross Left behind Right
11 Turn body back toward FLOD and step forward on Right
12 Step forward on Left and pivot 1/2 turn CW on ball of
13-14 Step down on Right in place, Step forward on Left toward RLOD
15-16 Step forward on Right & pivot 1/2 turn Left, Step forward on Left
  Step-Slides, Touches
17-18 Step forward on Right, Slide Left up behind Right heel
19-20 Step forward on Right, Touch Left next to Right
21-22 Step forward on Left, Slide Right up behind Left heel
23-24  Step forward on Left, Touch Right toe next to Left
  Step Back, Touch, Turn, Toe Touches
25-26 Step back on Right, Touch Left toe next to Right
  Release Left hands and bring Right hands forward over lady's head
27-28 Step back on Left making a 1/2 turn left, Touch Right toe next to Left
  Release Right hands and bring Left hands over lady's head
29 Step back on Right making a 1/2 pivot left
  Rejoin Right hands returning to Right Side-By Side position.
30 Step forward on Left
31-32 Touch Right toe to the right, Touch Right toe back
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2001