Shiloh Shuffle

Choreographed by SONNY KLEMM (219) 462-3874
Description 34 Count, Beginner/Intermediate Circle Dance Begin dance 
facing LOD, starting on the Right turning your body to the 
centre of the circle then turning away from centre of dance 
floor on your next step. Shuffles, sort of in/out, followed by 
everyone meeting in the middle and then retreating to the 
outside on foot-slapping moves.
Music Dancin' Shoes by Ronnie McDowell

Step, Turn, Shuffle
&1 Pivot 1/4 turn Left to face ILOD. Step to the right on Right
Cross Left behind Right making a 1/4 turn Right (back facing LOD)
3&4 Shuffle forward (R, L, R)
&5 Pivot 1/4 turn right to face OLOD, Step to the left on Left
6 Cross Right behind Left making a 1/4 turn Left (back facing LOD)
7&8 Shuffle forward (L, R, L)
&9 Pivot 1/4 turn left to face ILOD, Step to the right on Right
10 Cross Left behind Right and step making a 1/4 turn Right (back facing LOD)
11&12 Shuffle forward (R, L, R)

Steps Back, Hitch Forward, Turn, Forward Walk
13-14-15 Step back on Left, right, Hitch Left knee
16 Step forward on Left
17 Pivot 3/4 turn right on ball of Left
18 Walk forward on Left towards centre of dance floor
19-20 Walk forward on Right, Left

Right Slaps, Backward Walk, Left Slaps, Rock
21 Cross Right across Left knee and slap heel with Left hand
22 Touch Right to the right
23  Cross Right behind Left leg and slap heel with Left hand
24-26 Walk backward on Right, Left, Right
27-28 Cross Left across Right knee and slap heel with Right hand, Touch Left to the left
29 Cross Left behind Right leg and slap heel with Right hand
30 Step Left to the left and rock onto Left
31 Rock to the right onto Right (raise your arms to shoulder height for 'attitude')
32  Step to the left on left and make a 1/4 turn Left with the step
33 Step forward on Right and pivot 1/2 turn left
34  Shift weight forward onto Left

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2001