Choreographed By 	Pauline Morgan. Jan.97. Prepared By Ivor Morgan. 
Description	Partner Dance Starting In Flod Indian Position, 36 Beats. 
Music:		What Do I Know By Ricochet 
 		I Can Do It In My Sleep By Curtis Day 
		Throw Me Away By Charlie Landsborough 
I - 8	Side Rock. Cross Rock, Side Touch, Back Rock Step 
	Right Step To Right Side Rock Back In Place On Left. 
	Cross Right In Front Of Left ,Rock Back In Place On Left. 
	Right Step To Right Side. Touch Left Beside Right. 
	(Lady Takes A Larger Step To The Right Than The Man To End In Side By Side Position). 
	Step Back On Left, Rock Forward In Place On Right. 

9 -16	Scuff Crosses Of Rock Steps 
 	Scuff Left Forward And Cross Over Right Stepping ,Forward 2;Beats 
 	Scuff Right Forward And Cross Over Left Stepping Forward 2 Beats. 
 	Scuff Left Forward And Crossover Right Stepping Forward Beats. Right Step Back, 
	Rock Forward In Place On Left  

17 - 20	Step 1/2 Pivot Step 1/2 Pivot: (Windmill Turn) 
 	Step Forward On Right . (Drop Left Hands To Thigh Level. Raise Right Hands Above Ladies Head). 
 	Pivot 1/2 Turn To Left. (As Right Hands Come Over Ladies Head And Start Dropping. Release Right Hands And Rejoin Left Hands). 
 	Step Forward On Right. (Lift Left Hands Over Ladies Head). Pivot 1/2 Turn Left Into Side By Side Position. 

21- 28	Step Lock. Step Touch. Step Lock. Step Touch 
 	Right Step Forward At A 45 Degree Angle To The Right, 
 	Slide Left Foot Behind Right, Step Forward On Right And Touch Left Beside Right. 
 	Repeat With Left 

	Right Shuffle Forward. Left Shuffle Forward. X 2 
29 - 32	Right Shuffle Forward, Left Shuffle Forward 
33 - 36	Lady Has Two Shuffles Right And Left To Angle Across In Front Of Partner 
	Men Take Slightly Smaller Shuffles To Compensate For Lady Coming In Front. 
 	Start Over. 

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April 2000