DESCRIPTION Partner Dance, Sweetheart position, form a circle, facing ILOD.
MUSIC Talk To Me Texas - Tracy Byrd
Lucky Moon - Oak Ridge Boys.

1-4 Vine right with a scuff on count 4
5-8 Wheel Back: Beginning on left,
Man steps in place and turns 1/4 to face LOD
Lady walks back to make 1/4 wheel turn and face line of dance - scuff on count 8.
9-12 Wheel Front: Beginning on right,
Man walks forward 1/4 wheel to the right;
Lady steps in place 1/4 turn to the right - scuff on count 12.
13-16 Vine Left with scuff on count 16
17-20 Both step in place 1/2 turn with scuff on count 20
21-24 Wheel Front: Beginning on left,
Man walks 1/4 wheel to the left;
Lady steps in place 1/4 turn to left - scuff on count 24.
25-28 Walk back beginning on right , scuff on count 28.
29-32 Beginning on left, both step in place 1/2 turn, scuff on count 32.
33-36 Walk forward beginning on right, scuff on count 36.
37-40 Wheel Front: Beginning on left,
Man step in place 1/4 turn to left;
Lady walk 1/4 wheel left - scuff on count 40.
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