One Step Ahead
DESCRIPTION Partner Dance - Side by Side
MUSIC Step Ahead by Dave Sheriff

Heel Hook, Step & Scuff, Right & Left
1-2          Touch Right heel forward, hook across Left, just under knee
3-4          Step forward on Right foot, scuff Left foot forward past Right
5-6          Touch Left heel forward, hook it across Right, just under knee
7-8          Step forward on Left foot, scuff Right foot forward past Left

Paddle Turns Kick, Step Back, Slide
1-4          Step Right foot forward, 1/4 turn Left twice (nowfacing RLOD.
                Drop Left hands Gent turns under Ladies arin, and rejoin in VW position)
5-6          Kick Right foot forward twice
7-8          Step back on Right, slide Left to it

Step Back & 1/4 Turn Right, Kicks, Right Vine
1-2          Step back Right foot making 1/4 turn Right, (drop Right hands, rejoin hands
                behind as you) step Left foot beside Right, (nowfacing ILOD Lady behind Gent)
3-4          Kick Right foot forward twice
5-8          Right vine with a touch

Left vine With 1/4 Turn Right Walks Back, Hitch
1-4          Step Left foot to side, cross Right behind Left, step Left 1/4 Turn Right, hitch
               (Gent brings Right arm over Ladies head, and rejoins Left hands in front,
               back into side by side position)
5-8          Walk back on Right, Left, Right, hitch Left knee, now facing LOD

Step Slides, Steps Scuffs Forward
1-4          Step forward on Left foot, slide Right to it, step forward on Left, scuff Right forward
5-8          Step forward on Right foot, slide Left to it, step forward on Right, scuff Left forward

Walks Forward & Jazz Box
1-4          Walk forward on Left, Right, Left, scuff Right forward
5-6          Step Right foot over Left, step back on Left
7-8          Step Right foot to side, step Left foot beside Right

Begin Again

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