Choreographed by FRED RAPOPORT (978).562-2286
Description Inter/Adv Couples Mixer, Double hand hold.
Man's hands are to the outside with the lady's hands on top of his
Music Neon Blue - The Mavericks
Heartache Tonight - John Anderson

Diagonal Steps, Kicks, Left Vine, Touch
1 -2 Step forward and diagonally left on Left, Kick Right forward past partner's Right side
3-4 Step down and diagonally right on Right, Kick Left forward past partner's Left side
Release hands and slide Right hands down partner's Right arm, from elbow to fingertips
5-6 Step to the left on Left, Cross Right behind Left
7-8 Step to the left on Left, Touch Right next to Left
Man's Vine Right And Touch, Lady's Forward Shuffle, Step, Touch,Man's Left Turns,
Lady's Right Rolling Turn
9 Step to the right on Right Step forward on Right
& Step Left next to Right
10 Cross Left behind Right Step Right next to Left
11 Step to the right on Right Step forward on Left
12 Touch Left next to Right Touch Right toe to the right
13 Step to left on Left & begin a full 1/2 turn Lt Step to right on Right and begin a Full rolling turn travelling to the right
14 Step on Right and complete 1/2 turn left Step on Left and continue turn
15-16 Cross Left behind right, Step to right on right Step on Rt and Complete turn, Touch Left to Rt
As they meet man takes lady's Right hand in his left into the Left promenade position
Stroll, Scuffs
17-18 Step forward on Left, Slide Right up behind Left
19 -20 Step forward on Left, Scuff Right forward
21-22 Step forward on Right, Slide Left up behind Right
23-24 Step forward on Right, Scuff Left forward
25-28 Repeat beats 17 through 20
Changing Partners
29 Step forward on Right & make 1/4 turn Rt Step forward on Right
30 Step to the left on Left Touch Left toe to the left
31 Cross Right behind left making a 1/4 turn Rt Step back on Left
32 Step Back on Left Touch Right toe to the right
Man positions himself with new partner received from forward
33 Step to the right on Right Step back on Right
34 Slide Lt up next to Rt (weight remains on Rt) Touch Left to Left
Man and lady should now be with new partners and are holding hands again in the
Open Double Hand Hold
Cross Touches
Note Keep a good frame in this section as the following footwork tends to move partners
closer to each other
35-36 Cross Left over Right, Touch Right toe to the right
37-38 Cross Right over Left, Touch Left toe to the Left
Begin Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert July 2001