DESCRIPTION Partner Dance, Right side by side position
Love Lessons - Tracy Byrd
MUSIC Mr Miller - Paul Overstreet

  Step Lock, Step & Touch.
1 - 2. Left step forward (at slight angle.) Right lock behind Left
3 - 4. Left step forward, Right toe touch slightly forward to Left
  Cross Over, Unwind, Step back, Rock Forward.
5 - 6 Right cross over front of Left. left turn 1/2 (unwind) (Drop) Right hands, Raise Left, Gent
7 - 8 Left step back, Right rock forward turns under arms as he unwinds Rejoin hands in VW position.
9 - 16. Repeat 1 to 8. In reverse LOD. Raise arm over Ladies head, 1/2 turn into LOD back to Side by Side hold. Do NOT release hands.
  Left & Right Shuffles.
17&18. Left shuffle (L.R.L).
19&20 Right shuffle (R.L.R).
  Turn 1/4 behind, Side, Behind, Side 1. 2 Turn, Scuff.
21 Left step with 1/4 turn Right. (Gent behind Lady)  (Tandem position, arms extended out to the sides shoulder height)
22 - 23 Right cross behind Left and step (with dip) Left step to Left side
24 Right cross behind Left (with dip)
25. Left step left with 1/4 turn Left (Release Left hands, bring Right over Ladies head
26. Right scuff with 1/4 turn Left. . to face inside of circle in Reverse Indian position)
  Side Behind, Side Behind. 1/4 Turn, Scuff.
27 - 28 Right step to Right side. Left cross behind Right (with dip)
29 - 30 Right step to Right side. Left cross behind Right. (with dip)
31 Right step 1/4 turn to face LOD. (Release Left hands, raise Right over ladies head rejoin Left hands in Side by Side pos.)
32. Left scuff forward.
  Left & Right Shuffles
33 &34 Left shuffle (L.R.L).
35 &36 Right shuffle (R.L.R).
  Gent Rolls. Lady Walks
37-40 Gent rolls to Left full turn on these 4 steps as Lady walks forward. Drop Right hands& Raise Left hands on 1.2. & lower between partners on 3.4.. Gent turns under Left arm when raised)
  Lady Rolls, Gent walks.
41-44 Lady rolls to Right full turn on these 4 steps as Gent walks forward. Raise arms as Lady turns 
under on 1.2
and lower arms on 3. 4. Rejoining in Side by Side position.
  Left & Right Shuffles.
45&46. Left shuffle (L.R.L).
47&48 Right shuffle (R.L.R).
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2000