Limbo Latina
Choreographers Carole & Del (Two's Company W.D.C.)
Description      Partners, in sweetheart
Music   Limbo Lady - Dean Brothers
Melbourne Mambo - Mavericks
Shine, Shine, Shine - Eddie Raven
Now I can Dance - Tina Arena

1-2         Step right foot forward, pivot 1/4 to left pushing hips to right side
3-8         Repeat above a further three times (end facing L.O.D)
              [Rejoin left hands, lower right hands into right side by side position ]
Step forward Point, Step back Touch, Pivot turns
9-10         Step right forward, touch left toe to left side.
11-12       Step left back. touch right next to left
13-14       Step forward right, pivot, half turn to R L.O.D.
15-16       Step forward right, pivot half turn to L.O.D.
               [ Now facing LOD rejoin right hands in side by side position ]
Right Vine with 1/4 Turn, Shimmy
17-18       Step right, step left behind
19-20       Step right turning 1/4 to outside L.O.D. touch left next to right.
               [ Now facing OLOD Indian position ]
21-24       Step left to left. long step shimmy body & Slide right to left (total count of 4)
3 Step turn, Touch, Chasse left. Rock step
[ Release left hands Raise right ]
25-28        Step right, left, right turning full turn to right, touch left next to right,
29&30       Shuffle sideways to left, L.R.L.
31-32        Rock back on right. forward onto left.
Hip Bumps.
34&34      Step right foot forward and bump hips forward, - light, left, right.
35&36      Transfer weight to left foot, bumping hips backward, - left, right, left.
37-40       Bump hips right and forward, bump hips left and back, Repeat,
Cha Cha and Rock Stops, Shimmy
41&42     Cha cha forward, R, L. R.
43-44      Step forward onto left, rock back onto right.
45&46     Cha cha backwards, L.R.L.
47-48      Step back onto right, rock forward onto left.
Shimmy Right. 3 Step turn left, Touch
49-52      Step right foot to right, shimmy body to right, Slide left foot to light (total count of 4)
              [ Release right hands raise left ]
53-56      Roll to the left, stepping left, right left, touch light,
              [ Rejoin right hands in indian position ]
1/4Turn Right & Shuffl, Rock Step, Shuffles with Windmill turn
57&58      Make1/4 turn right & Shuffle forward R.L.R. [ now in Left Side by Side ]
59-60       Rock forward left, rock back onto right, [Raise right handsover lady's head, Keep left hands down ]
61&62      Left shuffle on L.R.L. making 1/2turn left [Now facing LOD, Release Left hands,
               Bring right down over lady's head ]
63&64      Right shuffle on R.L.R making 1/2turn left [ now facing LOD ]
Turning Shuffle, Step, Scuff, Lock Steps, Step Scuff
[ Release right hands & rejoin in front of gent ]
65&66       Left shuffle making 1/2turn left [ now facing LOD, Now in right side by side position ]
67-68        Step forward Left, Scuff Right
69&          Step left forward, lock right behind left
70&          Step left forward. lock right behind left
71-72        Step forward left, Scuff right
Start Again
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