It's Up To You

Choreographed by DEBORAH BATES (219) 365-8319
Description  Couples Mixer in Right Side-By-Side
Music   A Little Less Talk - Toby Keith (teach)
It's Up To You - Perfect Stranger (dance - start on vocals)

Forward Shuffles, Steps, Scuffs

1&2 Shuffle forward (RLR)
3-4 Step forward on Left, Scuff Right forward
5-8  Repeat beats 1 through 4
Jazz Square, Mans' Left Vine, Lady's Rolling Turn
9-10  Cross Right over Left and step, Step back on Left
11-12  Step Right slightly to the side, Touch Left next to Right
Release Left hands and raise Right hands
13 Step to the left on Left Step on left & begin a full CCW turn travelling To Left
14 Cross Right behind, Left and step Step on Right & continue full CCW travelling turn
15  Step to the left on Left Step on Left & complete turn
16 Both - Scuff Right forward
Rejoin hands returning to Right Side-By-Side position

Forward Shuffles, Military Pivots  

17&18 Shuffle forward (RLR)
19-20  Step forward on Left, Pivot 1/2 turn CW on ball of Left & shift weight to Right
21&22 Shuffle forward (LRL)
23-24 Step forward on Right, Pivot 1/2 turn CCW on ball of Right and shift weight to Left
Man's 1/4 CW turn, Lady's 3/4 CW Turn
Do not release hands. Raise hands above lady's head
25 Step to the right on Right making a 1/4 CW Turn Step on Right & begin a 3/4 turn CW turn under upraised hands
26 Step Left next to Right  Step on Left & continue 3/4 CW turn
27 Step forward on Right  Step on Right & complete 3/4 CW turn
28 Both - Touch Left next to Right

Man and lady now face each other in a crossed hands position (Left over Right).

Steps, Hitches, Steps, Touches
29 Step forward and diagonally to the left on Left (stepping toward your partner's Right side)
30 Hitch Right knee
31-32 Step back on Right, Touch Left next to Right
33  Step forward & diagonally to the right on Left (stepping toward you partner's Left side)
34 Hitch Right knee
35-36 Step back on right, Touch Left next to Right

Rolling Turns Progressing To New Partner Release both hands

37 Step to the left on Left & begin a 1 1/4 CCW turn travelling to the left toward FLOD  Step to the left on Left & begin a 3/4 CCW travelling to the left toward RLOD
38 Step on Right & continue 1 1/4 CCW traveling turn  Step on Right & continue 3/4 CCW turn
39 Step on Left & complete turn  Step on Left & complete turn

Join hands in Right Side by Side with new partner.

40 Both - Scuff Right forward


Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2001