Ellie - Lou Cha Cha

CHOREOGRAPHED By Bill & Jane Turner Feb 1994
DESCRIPTION                  Start in Right Side by side (a k a Sweetheart) position
MUSIC   Un Momento Alla by Rick Trevino 
lsland by Eddy Raven

1 - 2       Step forward on left, Slide right behind left
3&4        Cha cha cha forward L,R.L.
5 - 6       Step forward on right, Slide left behind right
7&8        Cha cha cha forward R.L.R

               MAN,                                                              LADY
9 - 10       Rock forward on left, Back on right,                     Rock forward on left, back on right
11&12      Cha cha cha Bring right over lady's head         Half turn to left on cha cha cha
13 - 14     Rock back on right, Forward on left,                    Rock forward on right, back on left,
15&16      Cha cha cha, Return to side by side                  Half turn right on Cha cha cha.

17 - 18     Step forward on left and pivot half turn to right putting weight back on right foot.
               Bring left hand over lady's head. keep right hand down
19&20      Drop right hands and continue, turning right on Cha cha cha
               rejoining right hands in front
21 - 22     Rock back on right, forward on left
23&24     Cha cha cha forward.
               MAN, Drop left hands, Raise right hands        LADY
25 - 26     Walk forward left, right,                               Full turn to right on Left Right
27&28      Cha cha cha traveling forward                      Cha cha cha traveling forward

29 - 30      Make a full turn to left on Right, Left, Cha cha cha Return to Side by side position
33 - 34      Rock forward on left, Back on right, Drop right hands
35&36       Make half turn to left on cha cha cha Bringing lady's left arm over the mans head
37 - 38      Step forward on right, picking up lady's right hand Pivot half turn to left
                Bringing mans left arm over lady's head, returning weight to left foot
39&40      Cha cha cha forward


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