El Paso Stroll


Elise Melee


1-4          Walk back on Right, Left, Right Touch left toe back 1-4 Walk forward on Lt, Rt., Lt, Touch right heel ford
5-8          Walk forward on Left, Right, Left,                            5-8 Walk back on Right, Left, Right
              Touch right heel ford - Drop right Arm                                  Touch left toe back - Drop left Arm

9           Under mans arm with the right                                 9 Place left next to right
10         Turn to LOD on left                                                 10. Right on the Spot
11         Right next to left                                                    11 Left on the spot
12         Extend left heel forward                                          12 Extend right heel forward
            (Drop right hand)                                                                (Drop Left hand)

13          Left across right ( turn 1/4 right)                             13. Right next to left
14          Right walk across front of man                              14. Left Slightly to the side
15          Left walk across font of man with a 1/4 turn to LOD 15 Right next to left into side by side
16          Extend right heel forward                                       16 Extend left heel forward

17-18          Forward on the right, left                                 17-18 Forward on the left, Right
19-20          Rock forward on right, back on left                      19-20 Rock forward on left, back on right
21-22          Forward on Right, Left                                       21-22 forward on Left, Right
23 -24         Rock forward on right, back on left                      23-24 Rock forward on left, back on right
                  (Drop left Hand).                                                           (Drop Left Hand)

25          Step back on right                                                 25 Step left on the spot & bring Right arm over lady's head
26          Walk across back of man, Drop right hand              26 Small step forward on right, Lady's right hand
              pick up left hand with right                                        pick up with left
27          Across back of man on right                                  27 Left small step forward
28          Step left with 1/4 turn right                                     28 Right small step forward

29-32      Start double inside turn to the right [ 4 beats ]        29 -32 Small steps forward Left, right, left, right Rt, Lt Rt, Lt

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