Dawg Gone Shuffle
Choreographed by Pauline Morgan Fully qualified D& G Instructor, N.T.A. G.P.T.D. - 15/01/99
Description Partner DanceSide by side position
Music. Love gets me every time by SHANIA TWAIN.

  Right side behind side shuffle, Left side behind side shuffle
1-2 Step right foot to the right side cross left foot behind right
3&4 Right side shuffle.
5 -6 Step left foot to the left side cross right foot behind left
7&8 Left side shuffle
  Switches & Touch, shuffle & stomps
1&2&3-4 Switch forward right & left & right touch right beside left
5&6-7-8 Right shuffle forward, stomp left & right.
1 &2&3-4 Switch forward left & right & left touch left beside right.
5&6.7-8 Left shuffle forward stomp right & left
  Right & left rolling turns with touches
1 -4 Lift right arms & turn 360 degrees to the right touch left beside right
5 - 8 Lift left arms & turn 360 degrees to the left
  Kick & back shuffles
1-2-3&4 Kick right foot forward twice shuffle back on right left righ t,
5-6-7&8 Kick left foot forward d twice shuffle back on left right left.
  Two half pivots & shuffles
1 4 Step forward on right pivot 1/2 turn left,( drop right hands ,
raise left hands) step forward on right pivot 1/2 turn left
5&6-7&8 Right shuffle forward, left shuffle forward

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