D &M – Cha Cha
Choreographed by Dave and Margaret Reddy 05/03 – dreddy@ticali.co.uk  – 
01322 554289
Description  Couples Dance FLOD Sweetheart Position
Music  Places I’ve Never Been – Mark Wills (96bpm) 
or any slow -medium cha cha

1-4 	Walk fwd L R shuffle fwd LRL
5-8 	1/4 turn L on R, 1/4 turn L back onto L, RLOD shuffle back RLR
9-12 	1/4 turn L on L, 1/4 turn L onto R (FLOD) shuffle forward LRL
	(5-8 Raise R arms release L, rejoin L to front)
	(9-12 Raise L arms, release R, rejoin R into sweetheart)

13-16 	Walk fwd RL shuffle fwd RLR
17-20 	Rock fwd onto L back onto R, Shuffle back LPL
21-22 	Rock back onto R making 1/4 turn R (FOLOD) rock fwd onto L make 1/4 turn to face (LOD)
	(21-22 Spread arms out to sides)

	Man 				Lady
23-24 	Shuffle fwd RLR 			1/2 to L facing gent on shuffle RLR
25-26 	Rock fwd L back onto R 		Rock back L fwd onto R
27-28 	Shuffle back LRL 			1/2 turn R shuffle LRL
	(23 -24 retain hands held, bring R arm over lady's head arms crossed in front,
	27-28 bring R arms over lady's head and return to sweetheart position)
29-30 	Rock back onto R making 1/4 turn R (FOLOD) recover onto L 1/4 L into LOD
31-32 	1/2 turn shuffle to L. RLR release L hands bring right over Lady's head
33-34 	1/2 turn shuffle to L. LRL release R hands bringing L over lady's head, resume sweetheart position
35-36 	R shuffle fwd RLR
	(29-30 Spread arms out to sides)

	Man 				Lady (turns are optional)
37-40 	Walk fwd LR shuffle fwd LRL 		Full turn R walking LR, shuffle fwd LRL
41-44 	Walk fwd RL-, shuffle fwd RLR 		Full turn L walking RL, shuffle fwd RLR
	(if lady turning release L and raise R arms for both turns)

Both 	Release Left raise Right arms
45-48 	Step fwd L pivot 1/2 turn R step fwd L pivot 1/2 turn R rejoin into sweetheart position,
	weight remains on Right readv to start the dance again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
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