Candy's Cha Cha
Choreographed by Jim & Nen (alias Helen ( Sue Godsall)
Description 2 Wall Line dance,
Music Lovin' On / LetYourLoveFlow - Bellamy Brothers
  Third Rate Romance - Sammy Kershaw

Dedicated to Tony & Shirley Chapman

1 - 4 Step forward on left, pivot 1/2 turn to the right then contintue turning clockwise on L.R.L. 
(Cha cha cha) to face original position
5-8 Tum 1/4 right on right/, walk left, walk right, turn 1/4 left on left
9 -12 Step forward on right, pivot 1/2 turn to left, then continue turning ani-clockwise on R.L.R. 
(Cha cha cha) to face original position
13-16 Turn 1/4 left on left walk right, walk left, turn 1/4 right on right
17-20 Step forward 45 degs. to the left on left , touch right beside left, 
then travel back 45 degs. to right on R.L.R (Cha cha cha)
21-24 Step back 45 degs. left on left, touch right beside left, then
 travel forward 45 degs. right on R.L.R. (Cha cha cha)
25-28 Touch left toe out to the side, swing left round 1/2 turn to left, then L.R.L. (Cha cha cha) 
travelling slightly to left
29-32 Touch right toe out to the side. swing right round 1/2 turn to right, then R.L.R (cha cha cha) 
travelling slightly right
33-36 Rock forward on left rock back on right, then L.R.L. (Cha cha cha)
37-40 Step back on right pivot1/2 tum to right (clockwise, backwards) transferring weight to left; then 
again step back on right pivot 1/2 turn to right (clockwise, backwards) transferring weight to left
41-44 Step back on right, turn 1/2 left on left, them R.L.R. (Cha cha cha)
45-48 Walk back on left, right rock back on left, rock forward on right

Start again, now facing opposite wall

Feb 2000

  Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert