(The Penguin)

Choreographer Roy East roy.east@cableinet.co.uk 
40 Count 2 Wall beginner Line Dance
Music Dance the Night Away" (The Mavericks) - 144 BPM
(Or any music of your own choice)

Hip bumps

1-2 Bump hips to left 2X
3-4 Bump hips to right 2X
5-6  Bump hips to left, bump hips to right
7-8 Repeat counts 5-6
9-16 Vine left with stomp, clap 2X, stomp L-R
1-2  Step L foot to left, cross step R foot behind L foot
3-4  Step L foot to left, stomp R foot next to L foot
5-6 Hold and clap hands 2X
7-8  Stomp L foot in place, stomp R foot in place
17-24 Clap 2X, stomp R-L, vine right with stomp
1-2  Hold and clap hands twice
3-4 Stomp R foot in place, stomp L foot in place
5-6  Step R foot to right, cross step L foot behind R foot
25-28  Rocking Chair
1-2  Step forward on R foot, rock back onto L foot
3-4  Step back on R foot, rock forward onto L foot
29-36 1/2 turn CCW in four 1/8 paddle turns
1-2  Step R foot small step to right, rock onto L foot making 1/8 CCW turn
3-4  Repeat 1-2 (completing 1/4 turn)
5-6  Repeat 1-2
7-8 Repeat 1-2 completing 1/2 turn (now facing opposite starting position)
25-28 Stomps and claps
1-2  Stomp R foot next to L foot, stomp L foot next to R foot
3-4 Hold and clap hands 2X
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
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