Choreographer Johnny S (@ 'Dance 4U Magazine' UK.. February 2001)
Description 72 Count,2 Wall Beginner / Intermediate Line dance
Music: Catalog Dreams - Joni Harms
Try Ribbon Of Highway - Scooter Lee (leave out the 8 count Tag)

1 - 8 Walk, Hold X 2, Shuffle Back, Hold
1 - 4 Step RIGHT forward, Hold, Step LEFT forward., Hold
5 - 8 Step RIGHT back, Step LEFT back beside RIGHT, Step RIGHT back, Hold
9 - 16   Walk, Hold X 2, Shuffle, -Hold.
1 - Step LEFT back, Hold, Step RIGHT straight back, Hold
5 - 8  Step LEFT forward, Step RIGHT forward beside LEFT. Step LEFT forward, Hold
17- 24   Chasse Right, Hold, Rock-Recover-Step, Hold..
1 - Step RIGHT to right side, Step LEFT beside RIGHT, Step RIGHT to right side, Hold
5 - 8 Rock-step LEFT behind RIGHT, Recover weight onto RIGHT, Step LEFT beside RIGHT, Hold
25 - 32 Right Sailor Step, Hold, Chasse Left, Hold
1 - 4 Step RIGHT behind LEFT, Step LEFT slightly back, Step RIGHT in place, HOLD
5 - 8  Step LEFT to left side, Step RIGHT beside LEFT, Step LEFT to left side, HOLD
32 - 40   Rock-Recover-Step, Hold, Left Sailor Step, Hold
1 - 4 Rock-step RIGHT behind LEFT. Recover weight onto LEFT, Step RIGHT in place, Hold
5 - 8 Step LEFT behind RIGHT, Step RIGHT slightly back, Step LEFT in place, Hold
41 - 48 Shuffle With 1/4 Turn Right, Hold, Brush, Step-Step, Hold
1 - Step right to right side, Step left beside right, Step right to the right making 1/4 turn right. Hold
5 - 8 Brush ball of LEFT forward beside RIGHT, Step LEFT in place, Step (or stomp) RIGHT in place, Hold
49 - 56 Walk, Hold, Walk, Hold, Start Weave To Right:
1 - 4 Walk forward on LEFT, Hold, Walk forward on RIGHT, Hold
5 - 8  Step LT behind RT, Step RT to right side, Step LT across in front of RIGHT, Step RIGHT to right side
57- 64   Continue Weave Right With 1/4 Turn Right, Hold, Rock-Recover-and-Cross:
1 - 4 Step LEFT behind RIGHT, Step RIGHT to right side - while making 1/4 turn right, Step LEFT forward, Hold
5 - 8 Rock RIGHT to right side. Recover weight onto LEFT, Cross RIGHT over in front of LEFT, Hold
55 - 72 Rock-Recover-and-Cross, Walk, Hold, Walk, Hold.
1 - Rock LEFT to left side. Recover weight onto RIGHT, Cross LEFT over RIGHT, HOLD
5 - 8  Walk forward on RIGHT. Hold. Walk forward on LEFT, Hold
(Alternative move on counts 5-8 Make a complete Full Turn LEFT stepping on RIGHT & LEFT)
..And Start Again..
There is a very small 8 count tag at the end of the 4th sequence of the dance
 TAG: You will be facing the front again. so after the walks formard (Section 9, counts 5-8), just do a
1- 8   Rock-Recover-and-Cross on the Rt & Lt (as per counts 61-68), then start from the beginning.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2001