Bumper Stickers

CHOREOGRAPHED by Lonnie Brinson
DESCRIPTION Mirror Image, Partner dance Right Open Promenade Side by side, holding inside hands
MUSIC I Brake for Brunettes - Rhett Atkins
  Sea of Cowboy Hats - Chely Wright


  Forward Shuffles, Walk Forward, Scuff  
1&2 Shuffle Forward (R,L,R) Shuffle (L,R,L) Forward
3&4 Shuffle Forward (L,R,L) Shuffle forward (R.L,R)
5-8 Walk Forward, R.L,R, Scuff left Fwd Walk Forward, L,R.L, Scuff Right Fwd
  Forward Shuffles. Walk Forward, scuff  
9&10 Shuffle Forward (L,R,L) Shuffle Forward (R,L,R)
11&12 Shuffle Forward (R,L,R) Shuffle Forward (L.R,L)
13 -16 Walk Forward, L R L Scuff Right Fwd Walk Forward. R.L.R. Scuff Left Fwd
  Rock Steps, Turn, Touch, Syncopated Jumps with Clap
17 Step Forward on Right Step Forward on Left
18 Rock back on Left in Place Rock back on right in Place
19 Step back on Right making 1/4 turn CW Step Back on Left making 1/4 turn CCW
  Man & lady are now facing each other in the open double hand hold position
20 Touch left next to Right Touch Right next to Left
& Jump back on Left Jump back on Right
21 Step Right next to Left Step Left next to Right
22 Hold & Clap Hands Hold &. Clap Hands
& Jump Forward on Right Jump Forward on Left
23 Step Left next to Right Step right next to Left
24 Raise Both hands and 'High Five' clap with Partner Same as man
  Man Vines, Lady Turns, Touches, Scuffs  
25-28 Man does Left Vine, L.R L, Touch Right 3 Step Turn to Right. Touch Left
29-32 Man Does Right Vine, R L R, Scuff Left 3 Step Turn to Left, Scuff right
  Turning Jazz Box  
33 - 36 Cross Left Over Rt, Rock Back on right, Step to Left on Left. making 1/4 turn CCW then scuff Rt forward Cross right Over Left, Rock Back on Step To Right on right with 1/4 turn CW then scuff left forward
  Hip Bumps  
37-40 Bump Right Hip with lady Twice Bump Left Hip with Man twice
  Bump Left Hip Out Twice Bump Right Hip Out Twice
41-44 Bump Hips. In, Out, In, Out Bump Hips. In. Out. In, Out
  Step Scuffs
45 - 48 Step Forward on Right, Scuff left Step Forward Left, Scuff right
  Step Forward on Left. Scuff right Step Forward right, . Scuff left
  Start Over  
  Music Available from Broken Wheel Records 01473 827376

feb 2000

  Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert