Bournville Slide

Choreographed at the Unified Teachers Training Weekend at Rowheath Centre, Bournville
by Eileen Young, Pat and Griff Griffiths, Phil Richard, Ruth  Elias, Pauline Morgan,
Di & Chris Howard. Jean Bradley, Mary & Roger Wild,Val & Graeme and Les
Description Partner Dance in Side by Side [Sweetheart ]position
Music Perfect Picture by Doug Supernaw (106bpm)

1-2 Step forward Right, Left slide to right
3-4 Step forward Right, Scuff making 1/4 turn to right
- (Tandem position man behind lady)
5-6 Left step to side (Rolling turn for lady optional), Right cross behind left
7-8 Left step to Side, Right touch beside left
9-10 Right step to side (Rolling turn for lady is optional) Left cross behind right
11-12 Right step to right, Left touch beside right
13-14 Step forward left, Right turn 1/4 to right ( to face RLOD)
15&16 Left Shuffle
17-18 Step forward Right, Pivot 1/2 turn left
19&20 Right shuffle
21-22 Left cross over right, Right cross over left
23&24 Left Shuffle
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