Choreographed by Pauline O'Connor & Alec Mac Donald 06/98
Description Partner DanceGent Steps Described Below. Lady's Steps Are In The 
Opposite  Direction With The Opposite Foot Unless Shown Otherwise. 
Start In Closed Western Position - Gent Facing ILOD
Music Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff

1-4	Step L to the left. Step Right together. Step L (large step) forward, Touch R toe together
5-8	Step back (small steps) on R, L, R, Touch together

9-16	Repeat steps 1 - 8
	Raise gent's left hand and drop right hand)

17-24	Gent   	Step L to left. Step R behind , Step L to the left. Touch R together Step R to right.
              		Step L behind R, Step R to the R Touch L together
	Lady   	Make a full rolling turn to the right on R, L, R, Touch Left together Make a full rolling turn to
              		the left on L, R, L , Touch Right together & Making a 1/4 turn to left (toward RLOD),
	assume tango hold - gent's Left arm outstretched to left holding lady's right hand.,
	Other arm around partners back

25-31	(With knees bent) Step L forward, hold. Step Right forward, Hold. Step forward on L, R, L,
32	Make a 1/2 turn to Right and change arm positions to face LOD.

33-39	(With knees bent) Step right forward; hold. Step left forward, Hold. Step forward on R, L, R.
40	Make a 1/4 turn left (Inside LOD) (assume Closed Western position)

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2005