Choreographed by

Hazel Parfitt. 12/10/96 Prepared by Jack Parfitt.
Description Partner Dance, Right side by side position:
Music She knows when your on my mind - George Strait.(teach)
  Too far under - Cody Bryant.


Right toe touch forward. Right toe touch to side.,
3&4 Shuffle back RLR.
5&6 Left shuffle forward LRL.
7&8 Right Shuffle forward RLR.
1-2 Left toe touch forward, Left toe touch to side.
3&4 Shuffle back LRL.
5&6 Right shuffle forward RLR.
7&8 Left shuffle forward LRL
1-4 Three step vine to right finished with a touch Drop left hand and raise right Three step full CW 
turn on RLR finished with a touch
5-8 Rejoin left hands and drop right. Both step full CCW turn on LRL (Tandem turn)
finished with a touch.
1-2 Still holding left hands, both step forward right and turn a 1/4 to the left.
3-4 Repeat 1--2
5&6 Still holding left hands shuffle forward RLR. RLOD.
1-2 Both step forward on left, urn 1/4 to right
3-4 Repeat 1--2
  Rejoin hands in right side by side.
5&6 Shuffle forward LRL.
1-2 Walk forward right. Walk forward left.
3-4 Step forward on right. Replace weight back on left.
5&6 Step back on right. Step left next to right. Step forward on right (Coaster step)
1-2 Walk forward left. Walk forward right.
3-4 Step forward on left. Replace weight back on right.
5&6 Step back on left. Step right next to left. Step forward on left (Coaster step)
1&2 Right shuffle forward.
3&4 Left shuffle forward.
  Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert