Atlantique Waltz
Choreographed by French Connection 97 - 01832 732457
Description Partner Dance, Facing OLOD lady in front of man, arms extended out to side, Both on same steps unless stated otherwise
Music Their Hearts are Dancing - Forrester Sisters [100 BPM ]

  Gentleman's Steps Lady's Steps
1-3 Left step to side, Right step next to Left, Left step in place
4-6 Right step to side, Left step next to Right, Right step in place
7-9 Step 1/4 turn to Left into LODRight step next
to left, Left step in place
Walk around man, on Left, Right, Left.Bringing. arms over mans head finishing behind man, with hands held
  (Keeping hold of hands behind back) at waist
10-12 Travel forward with lady behind stepping- Right, Left step next to Right, Right, step in place
13-15 Raising, Right hand, lead lady forward
underneath arm into LOD, stepping forward
Left, Right step next to Left, Left step in
placeInto sweetheart position holding Left hands behind back.
Walk forward under mans Right arm into LOD, stepping. forward Left. Right step next to Left, Left step in place Into Sweetheart position, holding Left hands behind mans back
  (Man keeping Right arm raised and Left hand,behind back)
16-18 Travel forward Right, left step next to Right
Right step in place. Turn Lady clockwise, to
LOD into sweetheart position
Moving forward, make a complete turn Clockwise, stepping Right, Left, Right to LOD, into Sweetheart position taking hold of mans Left hand with her Left hand behind his back
19-21 Left step forward, Right step next to Left, Left step in place
22-24 Right step back, Left step next to Right, Right step in place
25-27 Cross Left over Right, step Right to the side, Left in place
28-30 Cross Right over Left, step Left to the side, Right in place
31-33 Walk forward Left Right, Left turning. lady anticlockwise Turn anticlockwise under mans Right stepping Left, Right, Left finish facing outside LOD
34-36 Step forward Right turning a 1/4 into outside
LOD, Taking the lady's outstretched Left hand, step left to side, cross Right behind Left.
Step Right across front of Left. Step to side with Left, step behind the Left with Right.
   When suggested music is used the dance finishes with the lady behind the man as at steps 7 - 9 
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert Nov 99