Around the Corner


Larry Boezeman, 219-987-2327 -
Description 32 count Partner Dance in Right Side by Side position on same foot pattern,
Music: Down On The Corner, The Mavericks, On “King of the Hill” CD
  Walk Walk Shuffle, Walk Walk Shuffle
1-2   Walk forward Left, Right.
3&4    Shuffle Forward Left, Right, Left.
5-6   Walk forward Right, Left.
7&8  Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
  1/4 Turn Right, Step,1/4 Turn Shuffle , 1/2 Turn CCW, Back, Shuffle
9-10  Pivot 1/4 Right while stepping on Left, step Right behind Left.
11&12 Pivot 1/4 Left while shuffling forward Left, Right, Left.
13-14  Pivot 1/2 turn Left while stepping back Right, step back Left
15&16  Shuffle backward (FLOD) Right, Left, Right
  Release lady’s Left hand, rejoin hands down in front. Now facing RLOD
  Rock Back, Shuffle ,Step 1/2 Turn, Shuffle
17-18  Rock back on Left, forward on Right
19&20 Shuffle forward (RLOD)  Left, Right, Left
21-22  Step forward Right turning1/2turn CCW
23&24 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
  Release Lady’s  Right hand & rejoin in sweetheart position.
  Pivot 1/2 Turn, Step Back, 1/2 Pivot, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
25-26 Pivot 1/2 turn Right while stepping back on Left, step back on Right.
27&28 Pivot 1/2 Left while shuffling forward Left, Right, Left.
29-30 MAN - Walk forward Right, Left (release lady’s Left hand)
LADY - Turn full turn CCW while stepping Right, Left. Rejoin Right hands in sweetheart position
31-32    Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right.
  REPEAT                                                                  October 2000