5 o’clock Somewhere
Choreographed by Barbara & Harold Grimshaw(11/03) - friendsinline@msn.com 
Description  32 count, 2 wall intermediate line dance
Music  It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet

 1-8 	Right side, Behind, Step ¼ Right, Step/pivot ¾ Right, Left side, Behind, Step ¼ Left
1-3 	Step RIGHT to right side, Step LEFT behind right, Step RIGHT ¼ to right side
4-5 	Step forward on LEFT, Pivot ¾ RIGHT (weight on RIGHT)
6-8 	Step LEFT to left side, Step RIGHT behind left, Step LEFT ¼ to left side
9-16 	Right forward rock, Back/lock/step, Sway side ¼ Left, Sway Right, Sway Left
1-2 	Step forward onto RIGHT, Rock weight back onto LEFT
3-5 	Step back on RIGHT, Lock/step LEFT across front of right, Step back on RIGHT
6-8 	Step LEFT ¼ to left side (swaying hips left), Sway hips RIGHT, Sway hips LEFT
17-24 	Cross kick twice, Right side, Left touch, Full rolling turn left, Right touch
1-2 	Kick RIGHT across front of left TWICE,
3-4 	Step RIGHT to right side, Touch LEFT next to right
5-6 	(Starting full turn LEFT) Step LEFT ¼ LEFT, Step RIGHT back ½ LEFT
7-8 	Step LEFT ¼ LEFT, Touch RIGHT next to left
25-32 	Right side, Slide left, Left side, Slide right, Back/cross, Side/cross, Right back rock
1-2 	Long step RIGHT, Slide LEFT next to right (no weight)
3-4 	Long step LEFT, Slide RIGHT next to left (no weight)
&5 	Step RIGHT to right and slightly back, Cross/step LEFT over right
&6 	Step RIGHT to right side, Cross/step LEFT over right
7-8 	Step back onto RIGHT, Rock weight forward onto LEFT
	After 16 counts of 10th. Sequence – FACING FRONT WALL after hip sways
	then START again from beginning
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
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