4th July

A Ball, Heel, Strut, Hamboning
&I Touch ball of Left at Front Diagonal, Hitch Left knee as you raise and lower right heel.
&2&3 Repeat & 1
&4 Left toe heel strut on the spot.
&5&6&7&8 Repeat first four counts on right
&1&2&3&4 Repeat first four counts on left foot
5 Stomp right forward strongly
&&6 Slap hands three times with slicing action
&7 Slap right hand on right thigh, Slap left hand on left thigh
&8 Bend Rt elbow and slap with Lt hand, clap both hands together in front of body.
B Drag step, Slaps, Side walks, Cross Walks, Hitch Switch
& 1 Hitch right knee as you slide to right side, long step on right
&2 Draw left towards right foot into touch position
& 3 Slap hands down outside thighs, Slap hands up outside of thighs.
& 4 Clap hands together
& 5 Hitch left knee as you slide right to Left side, step left down to left side feet slightly apart.
& 6 Repeat on opposite foot
&7&8 Repeat above two counts (four side walks in total)
&1-&8 Repeat above 8 counts on opposite side
&I-& 8 Repeat first 8 counts
&I Hitch left knee as you slide right slightly back, step left forward and slightly across right
&2 Repeat on opposite foot
&3&4 Repeat above two counts (making four cross walks in total)
5 - 6 Touch left heel forward, Touch left toe back
7& 8 Hitch left knee, Switch right knee hitch -Stomp right foot up (no weight )
C Shuffles, Heel Switches, Pendulum Touches, Hamboning
&1&2 Hitch right knee as you slide left foot slightly back, shuffle right foot forward
&3&4 Shuffle left making 1/2 turn to right
&5&6 Tap right heel forward twice, Hitch right knee as you slide left foot back, Step right back
&7 Switch, touch right heel forward
&8& Switch, touch left heel forward, step left foot in place
1-8 Repeat above eight counts to left heel forward do not step left. foot in place
&1-4 Hitch left knee and execute four side walks as in part A
&5 Slide right back touch left heel forward
&6 Slide right foot forward, touch left toe back
&7&8 Repeat above two counts (pendulum touches) *
  * Alternatives for above four counts Heel and toe touches without the slide or Heel switches beginning with right heel
&1&2 Slide right back, shuffle left into 1/4 turn right (new wall)
3 Rock or spring back on right foot
4 Rock forward on left foot
5-8 Repeat hamboning claps as in part A
  Sequence of Dance: A.B.C.B.C.B.C.B.D.
D Hamboning
1-4 Repeat slicing claps as in part A four times
5-8 Repeat hamboning
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