Choreographer  Unknown
Description  36 Count Partner Dance in Closed Western Man facing LOD

Any Slow Shuffle Beat

1-2 Step Right to Right side,  Cross Left behind Right
3-4 Step Right to Right side, Touch Left beside Right
5-6 Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left
7-8 Step Left to Left side, Touch Right beside Left ( MAN does left vine, right vine)
9-16 Shuffle back on next four shuffles R, L, R, L(MAN shuffle forward L.R.L.R)
At this point drop Left hand raise Rt to turn over Rt shoulder into side by side position shuffle L.R.L.R (MAN shuffle on spot R.L,R,L)
17-24 On next four shuffles raise both arms so lady can shuffle "Around the World' behind man. Arms now crossed in front R.L.R.L  
(MAN shuffle slightly forward to allow lady to go around behind you L.R,L,R
25-26 Step Right forward, Lock Left behind Right
27-28 Step Right forward, Scuff Left forward (MAN on opposite feet)
29-30 Step Left forward, Lock Right behind Left
31-32 Step Left forward,  Scuff Right forward (MAN on opposite feet)
33&34 (MAN shuffle slightly forward as you turn lady back into closed western position L,R,L
 Lady shuffle forward turning Left back into closed western position on R.L.R
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