2 Words, 1 Finger

Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford, nlgifford@yahoo.com
Description 	Two wall, 34 Count Low Intermediate Level Line Dance
Music: 		Two Words One Finger - Robynn Shayne
		Count-in 3&4& starting on the word "finger"
Video		https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8i6UrS2FZc
	Front-Rock, Side-Rock, Behind-Side-Cross
1& 	Right rock forward; left replace
2& 	Right rock side; left replace
3&4 	Right step behind; left step side; right crossover

>>> START THE DANCE HERE (first time only) >>> (count-in 3&4& starting on the word "finger")

	Step Forward, Tap, Step Back, Kick, Coaster-Cross
5& 	Left step forward; right toe tap behind left
6& 	Right step back; left kick forward
7&8 	Left step back; right together; left crossover
	Scissor-Step, Hold, Chassč Left
1&2 	Right step side; left step back; right crossover
3&4 	Left step side; right together; left step side
ENDING: 	Dance to here and right step forward
	Jazz-Box Turning ½ Right
5-6 	Right crossover; left step back
7-8 	Right step forward turning ½ right; left step forward [6:00]
Repeat the following sections after wall #4 (you will be facing 12:00)
	"K-Step" With A Brush
1& 	Right step forward diagonal; left toe touch together
2& 	Left step back diagonal; right toe touch together
3& 	Right step back diagonal; left toe touch together
4& 	Left replace; right brush forward
	Pivot Turns Left
5-6 	Right step forward; pivot turn ½ left [12:00]
7-8 	Right step forward; pivot turn ¼ left [9:00]
	Vaudville Steps
1&2& 	Right crossover; left step back; right heel tap diagonal; right step back
3&4& 	Left crossover; right step back; left heel tap diagonal; left step back
	Mambo-Step, Sailor-Step Turning ¼ Left
5&6 	Right rock forward; left replace; right step back
7&8 	Left sweep behind turning ¼ left; right together; left step forward [6:00]
1&2 	Right kick forward; right replace; left together [6:00]
	Begin Again					July 2019