2 Many Mondays

Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford
Description 	32 count Four-wall Improver level linedance,
Music: 		Too Many Mondays, Not Enough Saturday Nights - Brad Wolf 120 BPM
		Start on the vocals
	Toe Touches, Sailor Step, Side-Rock, Replace, Cross-Lock Step
1-2 	Right toe touch forward; right toe touch side
3&4 	Right sweep behind; left together; right step in place
5-6 	Left rock to the side; right replace
7&8 	Left crossover; right lock outside of left; left step crossed-over
	Scissor-Steps, Kick-Ball-Change
1-3 	Right step side; left step back; right crossover
4-6 	Left step side; right step back; left crossover
7&8 	Right low kick forward; right together; left step in place ***
	Rock -Forward, Replace Turning ¼ Right, Chassč Right, Weave Right
1-2 	Right rock forward; left recover back turning ¼ right (3:00)
3&4 	Chassč right (RLR)
5-8 	Left crossover; right step side; left behind; right step side
	Crossover, Unwind Turning ½ Right, Coaster Step, Rock-Step,
	Triple Step Hinge Turning ½ Left
1-2 	Left crossover; unwind turn ½ right  (9:00)
3&4 	Coaster step (RLR)
5-6 	Left rock forward; right replace back
7&8 	Triple step turn ½ left (LRL)  (3:00
*** Ending:  (Wall #12 facing 9:00)
On count 7 with the weight on both feet, twist ¼ right to face the front wall.
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